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Welfare State — Geographies

Geographies Cmap

This map was necessary in order to move beyond Esping-Andersen’s typologies of welfare state development and examine further expansions and revisions of welfare geography. Color was used as a meaningful element in this map, with similar colors used to denote similar, yet not identical, types of welfare regime — for example, the dark green of continental Europe and the lighter green of East Central Europe.

In addition to this concept map, I experimented with creating traditional maps in light of this research. I reviewed technologies for digital mapping but found the learning curve too steep for my timeframe. The simple maps that resulted do not come near the potential of mapping as a visual medium, but are interesting nonetheless.

All maps taken from Arts and Gelissen, Table 2 (149-150). The map key is as follows:

Type 1 (Liberal) = Blue

Type 2 (Conservative) = Green

Type 3 (Social-Democratic) = Red

Type 4 (Latin Rim) = Yellow

Type 5 (Radical, Other) = Pink